‘Round Midnight

It’s after midnight and I’m finally wrapping up my work for the day. I have more to do once I get to work tomorrow but it’ll be fine. My days are so full now. I usually get home around five-thirty. Gotta get used to this 7 to 5 schedule. I love it though. I am  loving my career.

On the flip side though, I want to read and write more. I’ve missed checking in on my friends’ blogs. Scheduling more time for enjoyment reading has become a priority. I’ve managed to snatch a few moments to research and work on my novel. Being able to at least do that has been comforting.

So, of course it’s time to hit the hay. I feel like my day just began! It’s cool though. I am Happy, Grateful and I Love what I do. More people should love their jobs. I’m flinging Love and Light out into the Universe for us all.

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