Remember that guy from Office Space who keeps asking for those TPS Reports?

Yea. Sometimes, I wonder what his life is like. Does he have a boss over him who always asking for them? Is he really a dick or is he oppressed by The Man? Who knows? Maybe we’ll never know…but it must suck to be him.

On the flip side, it feels GREAT to be me! I just had an AWESOME art gallery exhibit with some KICK ASS women. I’m still riding that cosmic joy wave. I’ve been brainstorming and working on sketches for the lead singer of one of the COOLEST bands ever. I’m so honored! Ghost…you are Amazing. Astari Nite’s video for ,”The Boy Who Cried” is Awesome…and inspirational. I love my jobs. Teaching, Painting, Writing…all of the things I love about everything. Yes!

Thank You, Infinite Mother and Father.

I am truly BLESSED and So Full of Gratitude. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

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