Birthday Parties and Take Home Work

It will be so nice when my schedule evens out.  Thankfully, I can feel the ease of routine begininning to flow my way.  Still swamped but happy. Tired yet esctatic about my career, this urban mama is in bed typing by the light of the moon…and the glare of my laptop.

This weekend has been beautiful and busy. Today, well…yesterday, was Amir’s birthday and we went to Dave and Busters. If you’ve never heard of this place, it’s kinda like a sports bar with an arcade. Kids are welcome during the day but at night it becomes an adult hang out. Amir’s at the age where he’s too old for Chuck E. Cheese and too young for Vixen’s Adult Cabaret.  Dave and Buster’s is perfect.

I was stressed a little bit but let it go and let God and Goddess handle it.

Amir and his friend had a blast…and Amir found a card outside with one hundred tickets on it. We almost passed it by but he said, ” I think I should pick that up.”  He must have The Gift. It runs in our family. We’re Blessed and Highly Favored. What a perfect gift from Heaven for a twelve year old gamer?

Amir 12 birthday Amir Birthday 12

It’s almost twelve thirty and I’m falling asleep.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Divine Mother and Divine Father.  I am truly GRATEFUL for being able to have Amir’s party today. He and Ako work really hard. I like to reward them. Thank You for all of your wonderful blessings.


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