Public Privates.

I just really like the way “Public Privates” reads. This entry doesn’t actually have anything to do with public privates…but I bet it got your attention. What can I say? I have a self involved sense of humor.

I was just thinking about the difference between being a private school teacher and a public school teacher. I love being a teacher who’s see both sides of the coin.

When I taught private school, I felt that there weren’t enough resources and the pay wasn’t always the most reliable. Public schools have a lot of resources and materials but there’s a lot  of bureaucratic demands placed on classroom teachers.  I get it. With more money comes more responsibility.

I feel as if I’m treading water now. I still have a lot to do and learn but I am feeling less like a baby who’s been thrown into the deep end of the pool. My team leader told me to stop stressin’ and relax. Her exact words were, ” Relax…You Got This.”

I needed that pat on the back.

So once again, it’s around midnight and I get up around five. Time for lights out.

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