Monday Night Cool Down.

The air conditioning died at our school today. I had to stop my students from trying to jump out of our window.

Heat does strange things to some people. Even I was a bit warm…and it’s usually freezing in there to me. At first, I was enjoying the warmth but by days end…I wanted to beat the crap outta some people.

Why the violence, you may ask?

Here’s why. I can’t stand pointless bitchin’ and moanin’. Yep. It’s hot. Nope. I can’t do anything about it. Yep. You still have work to do. Nope. I have no mercy.

More people should’ve grown up with my parents.  My mom’s favorite  “no mercy” quote? “You can cry ’til you cry blood…and you’ll still have to do it.” Her go to “no mercy” quote, “Cry…and I’m gonna give you somethin’ to cry about!”

I knew to shut the hell up and get it done.

Too bad more people don’t do that anymore. I just wish it wasn’t against the law to tell other folks kids to shut the hell up. I love’em though. They’re just not as well raised as me.

So, now I’m at home. There is air conditioning. I am happy. I had so much time this evening that I painted, I’m typing and about to get some work done on my novel.

This is the first night in weeks that I haven’t stressed about getting some work done. Yep. I’m getting the hang of it.

Yay! I love my job. I love my little whiners.  I love my blessings…and in the famous words of our Grand Diva, Diana Ross…” I Love You All, Goodnight!”

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