F*ck F*ck F*CK!

OMG…I thought I was gonna lose my sh*t again but you know what? Thank GOD and GODDESS for Sister Friends.

My car got stuck at the bank Friday. Could’ve been worse. I made it to the bank and deposited the first paycheck I’ve gotten in about a month  so, yea…at least I have some cash. However not having a car has left me in a weird, ok bad, mood and I’ve been trying to shake it.

Argh! I know that my oracle card reading said to be positive and I’ve been trying, probably not hard enough, to get my sh*t back on Happy Street…but you know what? IT’S BEEN HARD.

I also know that even in my distress I’m still a pretty entertaining Mofo but hear me out. I AM TRYING SO HARD NOT TO LOSE MY SH*T.

Ok…maybe not as hard as I should. Maybe revelling in this BS is just what it is for me right now .


My friend Wendy, Goddess Bless Her, is on her way. I believe that some sister time is just what the doctress ordered.

Me and Wendy

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