It’s Been So Long Since I’ve Written.

For a few months now, I’ve consistently written a daily blog…up until last week.


Time to get back on track. But how? My life now includes a job that takes up way more of my tiime and energy than the leisurely (comparatively), part time life I led before. Don’t get me wrong. Both lifestyles have their plusses and minuses. I do like have a steady income, though. It’s much more comfortable.


I just have to create a balance between teaching and being an artist/writer/creative. Teaching requires busloads of creative…but it’s heavily structured and institutional. I need more time to write and paint. It’ll come. I just have to come up with a solid plan.

Training will help. I just signed up to be a BeachBody coach and got my 21 Day Fix kit in the mail yesterday. I think the structure and physical activity will get my mind, body and brain to wake up in new ways.

It’s exciting!

I have some semblance of a plan. I will develop a game plan. I will…just not tonight.

I’m about to lay it down. Lay it down. Go ‘head, Lay it down.


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