Debauchery and New York Style Pizza.

I almost forgot to write about one of the best nights out I’ve enjoyed in quite some time. Saturday night was epic. I even wore make up.

Astari was playing for Cyberia, a once a month party at Open Stage Bar in Miami. It’s a dress up party so I needed new clothes. I enlisted professional help with hair and nails to add to my bedazzling. New black skinny jeans, motorcycle jacket, black boots and red lipstick. I felt soooo Billy Idol…but a hot, black chick. The test? I walked into Marshall’s for a quick earring pick up. From across the store I hear, “She looks like a vampire!”.  Cha-ching! Nailed it.

When I got to Heather’s, we had a cocktail and got into some girl talk, make up and last minute touch ups. Im the middle of all that, we had a mini photo shoot moment. Fun!

That was a lot of fun before we even made it to Miami. So…we made it to Miami. We were the belles of the ball and it felt good. Astari Nite was, of course, amazing. We took pictures and danced. Danced and posed. Blew kisses to our friends and smiled.

What I can remember was fun. What I don’t remember was probably fun, too. I do remember my new friend Gianni setting me up with GrubHub AND ordering a pizza. I am forever grateful. I had NOT but enough food in my belly to absorb the amount of alcohol I’d consummed. Thank You, Gianni!


We were still in party mode, at four in the morning, so our small band of revelers headed ove to a club called The Libertine. What an interesting name! What an interesting night! It’s a bit of a blur…but I do remember dancing a lot.



A couple of hours later, Heather and I decided to call it an evening. IHOP was calling and we were answering! The evening recap was almost as much fun as the actual experience…especially since we were the most animated two people in the place. It was only about 6:30am.

Speaking of time. It’s time for me to hit the hay. Oh, what a night! I enjoyed every minute of it.



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