Affirmations and Manifestations.

I am currently listening to Louise Hay. She gets me going. I like hearing her voice softly speaking messages of love into my subconscious. This is the soundtrack of my undertaking.

Today my Life Coach, Sista Friend and Manifesting Counselor opened a new game. First step?

” Write your goals, hopes and dreams for 2016.”

I love this part…although sometimes getting started can be a little daunting.  Writing my goals and Definite Purpose has been an amazingly awesome tool for manifesting blessings in my life. This year, 2015, has been full of forward movement on this life journey. I’ve painted more. Written more. Gotten my Dream Job. It’s been good.

In the new year, I will continue on the path of My Definite Purpose. It feels good to be on the path of success. It feels good to manifest the things I want and need. I feel Deep Gratitude and Love.



Another goal is to develop my physical health and beauty. It fascinates me. With my new found body consciousness and a few fashion adjustments, I’ve felt so much more beautiful. More confident. I feel as if I deserve to choose the love I want in my life. As I develop my physical strength, my inner strength grows. I like the feeling…and you know how we Cancers love to revel in our feelings.

Speaking of Love, this new year will also be dedicated to aligning myself with a partner. I’m beginning to feel the tugs of my heart. Exploring possiblities for new love has already made me curious. What type of person/energy do I want? Do I want to lay back and wait while working on self or do I want to ‘get out there’ and go for it? Not sure of my approach yet but Love is definitely on this Cancer’s mind.

I’m sure that there’s more for me to write in my manifestation statement. I’m sure that my list will grow and develop over time…but what do I have but time? What better way to spend it?










MILF…Who Me?

Apparently, it’s the year of the MILF. For those not in the know, Google it and Giggle. I for one am glad to be of interest but…is it a thing when everyone who’s hit on me so far has been under thirty? Should I be honored that so many twenty somethings find me attractive? I’m not denying the fact that I’m flattered…but what does it all mean?


Ok. I do have a flair for the dramatic. It IS flattering to be noticed. It’s nice to be approached by an attractive person who just happens to be too young. I feel pretty and smile alot when someone flirts with me…I also wonder if I should be keeping my eyes open for age appropriate suitors.


At 42, I think under thirty is a bit too close to my oldest son’s age. He’s twenty. Anyone who could’ve gone to school with him is definitely not for me. My cut off these days is between 38 and 45. But am I limiting myself by not being open to those a little older or younger than I expect?


Since I’ve opened myself up to dating again, I’ve noticed about seventy percent of the people who hit on me are very, very young.


Hmm…maybe I can be more flexible. I am a Cancer. Apparently we attract youngins’.



It’s About That Time Again, Folks.


As I scroll through the photos of this past year, I feel a deep sense of Gratitude. Ok…I’ve also giggled a lot. I mean, if I were a stranger reading this collection of my random thoughts and introspections, I would probably come away with the impression that the person writing this stuff is a bit self absorbed, a little bit crazy and a whole lotta strange…but well meaning.

But, then again…is that a bad thing?


I am a little bit off kilter…but that’s what makes me one cool a** mothaf…er.


I am a bit self absorbed…but I like to call it being self reflective. That sounds less vain.

I could be described as a little strange but…normal folk bore the sh*t outta me. So, strange is good, eh?

I’m a little bit country…and a little bit Rock and Roll. Sounds like fun!

I know some equally strange and awesome folk. This year I spent time with quite a few of them. It feels good to commune with like minds and free spirits.


It’s been quite the year, 2015. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve written more and painted more than ever before…and there’s more in the works.

I’ve been blessed immensely and I have the career I’ve been praying for all along. My Gratitude is Unending. My Happiness is, at my very core, Limitless.

I’m looking forward to the New Year. There’s more laughter in store.


New Love to activate.

More art to create and new words to write.

It’s exciting.

I’m Grateful.

This is A Wonderful Feeling.

Love and Light!

Namaste…and Namascray.