The Oracle Was Right.


I’ve missed leaving my thoughts written in this safe space. My job, which I simultaneously Love and Fear, has kept me so wrapped up that I barely find time to watch Samurai Jack reruns with Ako or bug Amir to help me with the dishes. I love teaching…but get to do so little of it as a Public School Teacher. Strange but True. I’m having shades of Corporate Angst…but hey, I’m in it win it.

It’s Christmas Eve and all is right in my little corner of the world. My  in-laws are having the floors and kitchen redone. The new fridge is on and stuffed to gills for the holiday. The new stove? N0t even plugged in.


My mother in-law left me in charge of the holiday vittles so we’re having roast turkey (which will be reheated on the grill), grilled asparagus and seven layer salad…not to mention the abundance of Pecan pie, Hummingbird Cake and a few other scrumptious goodies. There’s Hot Chocolate, which I like to spike with cayenne and popcorn…just in case we get to a holiday movie.

Even though the house is under construction, we’re all in the Christmas mood. It helps having a youngin’ in the house. Amir has been excited about the joyous occasion and his enthusiasm is contagious. Yay! Awesome.


This month I finished a 21 day Beachbody Challenge with an accountability group called Discover Your Flow. It has been a spiritual, mental and physical journey. I’ve lost weight but more importantly, I’ve learned that my body is just as important as my mind and my spirit. There’s a new challenge next month. I’m already signed up for it.

Oh, WordPress! How I’ve missed you. I miss writing. I miss my online family. I’ve missed your stories and pictures. Let’s not be a part for so long of a time anymore. You are my release.

With the new year coming up, or maybe it’s Mama Moon in her unabashed and full glory, I’ve become more and more interested in new love. I’ve also been pondering old loves, situations and affairs. I’ve been contacted by old lovers. I know why. It’s because I’ve put that energy out there and I want to move forward in a way that’s positive and uplifting. By learning the lessons of my past and applying them, I hope to be more lucky in love.

It’s never too late and a girl never gets to old for romance.

Anyway, it is Christmas Eve and I must finish all of my chores or Santa won’t drop off my presents.

Til next time,

I Love you, Crystal.

I Love you, too…Crystal.


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