Lean On Me, No More!

Let the choir say, “Amen!”

So I don’t feel like Joe Clark or that guy Edward James Olmos played in Stand And Deliver anymore. Nope. I am getting used to the pace and learning to prioritize. I even got a “Good Job” on a couple of things. Awesome.


But…I can’t help but check my ego. That part of me who thinks she should be an expert on everything by the end of the week. The one who is a tad bit paranoid at times…and a little aloof. Ok. She comes off a bit bitchy. I forgive her though. My ego has been there when I needed her but I want her to step back a little now.

I want to take a deep breath and instantly relax. Step into the now and drift in the vortex…but my career allows for that type of relief over the course of the year. Every other day? I need to be on point, in line and ready for duty. At least that’s the pressure I think that I’ve put on myself…and it stops here.

Too many black women have died because of stress. Hell…too many people, period. I ain’t about to be one of them, honey. The Devil is a LIE!  Only those who’ve been to a church in The South will get that reference.



Crystal Ego. Step back, girl. I need Crystal Starchild right now. I need to be full of wonder and joy. Eager to learn and excited. The one who’s engaging and fun. I need her to play with the other kids on the playground and not turn all EMO on everyone.  We Need Her Smile.

Let’s Play.


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