Well, Hello Dolly!

I can eat these! lol
This seems to be the first pboto I’d posted to this blog…lol. What does it mean?

I haven’t written here in a long time. Why am I writing now?


I just couldn’t let that last post represent me.

I am an evolving being. Prone to change. Excited to grow.

I feel that I have grown over these past months, as we humans are prone to do, and I am Happy. I am grateful for my happiness and look forward to more as I travel this life.

I am realizing that with every new day, we can be a new person. Happiness sometimes needs a boost. I’ve created a space of Active Happiness in my life. When my mind begins to circle itself and I feel a wave of negative emotion begin, it’s easier for me to switch my thinking to happier thoughts.

This is a game that I enjoy playing with myself. It’s called Activate My Happiness…and I’m a level three ninja at it now. There are infinite levels. I am excited to master them all.

So, no. I could not leave my bleak outlook unchecked. I am taking back my space. My Happy Place. My Cancer’s World.

If you know a Cancer personally, you already know how we do.




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