Can we please talk about all of the pimpage going on down here?

As we all know, Hurricane Irma has been barreling her way through the Caribbean and is on her way to Florida. Since our Slytherin in Chief, Rick Scott, made the announcement that we’re in a state of emergency, capitalists have been having a field day. Gas jumped up by almost a dollar, water (if you can find it) is priced like gallons of vodka and grocery stores have been emptied.

Rich folks are paying THOUSANDS of dollars to fly out of here. Middle class folks are spending Hundreds to drive their families north. But what about poor folks?

Sheriffs are checking ID’s at shelters so if you have warrant, off to jail with you. Although, the jail may actually be safer than a shelter. Remember Houston during Katrina?

My family is staying. We’re stocking up and already put up storm shutters. Our water stores are pretty significant. My car has gas. So…I guess we just have to see what happens .

Send us some Love and Light…and if you want to help please do not donate to the Red Cross. Just take in a family in who may need help.

Mother Nature’s wake up call needs to be heard and understood. Corporate Greed is literally choking Earth. Don’t believe in global warming? That’s ok. It believes in you.


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