Can we please talk about all of the pimpage going on down here?

As we all know, Hurricane Irma has been barreling her way through the Caribbean and is on her way to Florida. Since our Slytherin in Chief, Rick Scott, made the announcement that we’re in a state of emergency, capitalists have been having a field day. Gas jumped up by almost a dollar, water (if you can find it) is priced like gallons of vodka and grocery stores have been emptied.

Rich folks are paying THOUSANDS of dollars to fly out of here. Middle class folks are spending Hundreds to drive their families north. But what about poor folks?

Sheriffs are checking ID’s at shelters so if you have warrant, off to jail with you. Although, the jail may actually be safer than a shelter. Remember Houston during Katrina?

My family is staying. We’re stocking up and already put up storm shutters. Our water stores are pretty significant. My car has gas. So…I guess we just have to see what happens .

Send us some Love and Light…and if you want to help please do not donate to the Red Cross. Just take in a family in who may need help.

Mother Nature’s wake up call needs to be heard and understood. Corporate Greed is literally choking Earth. Don’t believe in global warming? That’s ok. It believes in you.


I’m Gonna Tell You Something Good.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…well, pondering really. Why do we flock to situations that feel bad when all we want to do is feel good?

For instance, relationships are as beautiful or as painful as we allow them to be. If you believe that relationships suck, they will. If you believe in setting your own boundaries and being optimistic, you’ll attract that into your life.

I’ve learned a few things this week. One, people don’t tell you that they cheat out of the kindness of their hearts. It’s a warning…especially if they blame the other person in the relationship. “He made me cheat” or “She made me do it” are just excuses. Instead of being dishonest, why not just walk away or at least have enough balls to communicate your dissatisfaction. It’s not that hard.

I’m gonna tell you why people cheat. It’s because their childish assholes. Point Blank. Period. It’s not the other person in the relationship’s fault. It’s not Trump’s fault (although he is a known cheater) and it ain’t The Devil. People cheat because the want to cheat. They enjoy being clandestine. It’s fun…until it’s not.

I’m gonna tell why people listen to relationship advice. People take bad advice from actors, gurus, mamas, comedians and well meaning hoteps because they’re desperate. It’s hard out here for a pimp…so, you know it’s hard out there for regular folks. The only person you need to listen to is yourself. You know what to do. Listen to that little voice in your head that says, “Don’t drink the Kool-aid!”. You deserve better.

I’m gonna tell you why people don’t think for themselves. They watch too much gotdamn TV. All of that reality horsehiite is bad for the soul. The FDA should regulate American BS consumption. Just look at this place! Blood is on the streets and we have a horse’s a$$ running this nation into the ground like a whore with a wooden leg.

Now…what have you learned children?

Hopefully, you learned that:

Love is not a game. It’s an adventure.

Self-Respect is not an option.

It’s our birth right.

Asses should follow…not lead.

Excuses are not reasons.

Scott Baio is a broken down Ralph Macchio.

Beware The Dissenters.

I really want to be in love. Love is so Beautiful…but I’m not sure if my soulmate exists.

I recently met someone that I really started to feel close to but our relationship experiences were so different that communication became impossible. Every discussion became an argument. Every conversation became painful. I tried to voice my frustration but it never seemed to register. We never even met face to face, well I remember us meeting years ago but…whatever, and the whole thing went up in flames.

My pet peeve is not feeling heard but I guess me texting “I hate you” wasn’t my finest hour. Anyway…my experiences have taught me that I don’t want to feel unheard or misunderstood. I want to be comfortable not stressed. I want to be Happy.

I think it’s bullshit to expect bullshit in relationships. You get what you give…that’s how it should be. I don’t need a perfect person. I just want someone perfect for me. Someone who listens and comforts me when I hurt. I want to be held and cherished. I want romance. People are so used to petty, sloppy emotional dealings that it seems normal, even routine, to justify bad behavior.

I want to be a partner not a burden. I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who blames me for their inability to align with acceptable relationship behavior…whatever we decide it will be.

Some people judge me for my lack of long-term relationships but these same people stay in relationships rife with infidelity, complexity and dysfunction. I for one see no need to be in a relationship just because I’m afraid to go it alone. Hell…I’ve been going it alone for some time now and it’s ok.

I just need to clear my space of unbelievers. People who revel in emotional disarry. People who assume instead of listen. People who tell you their stories but don’t listen to yours. These are the Dissenters. They think that they know Love…but they don’t. Well…they don’t understand it the way I do and this is my quandry.

Is there someone on this planet who just wants to be happy, avoid bullshit and run off into the sunset with me? I don’t know…but I refuse to give up looking.


Rituals and Staying Sane

For the past several months I’ve been keeping a journal. I typically wake up and give myself an oracle card reading. This satisfies me in two different ways: spiritually as well as mentally. My morning ritual is to get still, center myself, pray and then deal myself into this Game of Life.

My way is to deal out four cards in a North-South-East-West pattern with four tenets in mind. North equals Love. South equals Happiness. East is Joy. West is Fulfillment. I typically use Doreen Virtues, Goddesss Guidance cards but I have used others in the past.

Once I’ve finished dealing, I go back and write the meaning of each card or my interpretation of the meaning into my Oracle journal. Today’s cards came up like this:15045333600281294106165     I am seeking. This method of self guidance and self awareness gives me a feeling of Peaceful Anticipation. I am less angsty. I am more aligned. I feel as if I am empowering myself in so many ways.

Spiritual Tools are Magic. Magic is the Energy of Self Empowering Love and Manifestation. I am so happy to be on this path.