A Little Crazy Will Color Your Cheeks.

I’ve been riding that crazy train for a couple of weeks.

First, the fender bender. Ever since that truck hit me, I’ve been a little nervous about driving in traffic…and there’s always traffic in South Florida. Not only is there traffic but people generally drive like their on Crack. It’s a little intimidating.

Next, I met someone who replaced my long standing crush on The Shaman for about two weeks.

It didn’t work out.

Ironically, The Shaman was the one person I could talk honestly to about the situation. That’s something I guess.

I did; however, learn a few things about myself from both of these situations. First, I’m not a ‘get over person’ but I’m not a pushover either. Second, I am so impatient with people…especially when they play mind games.

As soon as I got the police report back about the accident, the ambulance chasers started calling. They ‘re so annoying! I quite frankly told on lady that I don’t have time keep going to the doctor just so he and the lawyer can get rich. Period.

My insurance pays up to$10,000 for accident cases. The lawyer wants 40% to pursue the case. That’s $4,000. Doctors visits three times a week for five weeks…another $4000 at least. That leaves me with maybe $2,000. Why not just take the $2000? Well…that’s my logic.

On the flip side…Art Mama Moves is coming along quite nicely. I have six confirmed artists and one them is a singer. Yay! I’m super psyched about this show.

I’ve been putting Earl Nightingale goal cards all over the place so I can LITERALLY keep my eyes on the prize.

So, what have we learned today children? Well, I’ve learned that life is like a Georges Seurat painting. Up close, its a bunch of little dots but step back a bit, take it all in and the big picture is really quite beautiful.

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