Practical Manifestation.

When I began planning our show, Art Mama Moves, I must say…I was a bit overwhelmed. But never one to give up, I decided to go the Napoleon Hill/ Earl Nightingale route. I knew what I wanted…so I wrote it down. Several times, actually.


Following the advice of Napoleon, I wrote down my goal on index cards. On the back of each card I wrote something to the affect of, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open for you”. This is not a religious thing. It’s a manifestation thing and it works for me.

Our show was a success and we have more shows in the works. I continue to write on these cards and I’ve found that this keeps me focused on my goal…which is of course to promote the Art Mamas and our work. I love doing this and I am motivated constantly. So, the notes to self/ motivational cards have been  AWESOME manifestation tools as far as reaching this material goal is concerned.

What about my personal, romantic goals? The last time I manifested a relationship, I listed…nope…brainstormed a bunch of things that I thought were important. My must haves. From this, I actually met someone who met most of my criteria if not all. I used to kick myself for not adding “no Scorpios” to the list…but I didn’t. I met a Scorpio. It did not end well.

Now I realize it wasn’t that the act of brainstorming that was flawed. It was that I wasn’t asking for what I really wanted. Partly because I didn’t know what I wanted.



So, now I’m starting to write my relationship goals on index cards and put them in places where I can see them. These little reminders will be my tools to stay focused on the relationship I have with myself as well as the relationship that I’d like to share with someone else.

Wish me luck!

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