Insomnia…Repost from 2012.


I’ve been awake for hours. Can’t sleep.

My mind is racing


it’s now 4am


all I really want is a Black Girlfriend. Love that song.

I digress.

It’s now only 4:05.

I start my day 6:30 and I may not get to sleep before 5.


If only I could calm this delirious flow of energy that keeping me from

Mistress Sleep.

If only I could stop thinking about all the inconsequential bullshit…it ain’t really that


If only I could close my eyes and let my mind be at


If only it weren’t 4:08am and I’m sitting here typing a poem only a few will


I have to laugh at myself because I’m my biggest fan.

Here comes the morning but no sign of the Sandman.

My skin is tan.

See how the mind wanders when it’s sleep deprived?

When, Oh When will my mistress arrive?

Come to me O’ dusky maiden.

Cover my eyes.

I want to sleep…but I can’t


I have insomnia.

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