Day Two: One for Me, One for Another



What I know about energy is that is an exchange. Humans exchange energy in both conscious and unconscious ways. The saying, “You Get What You Give” is simple, non-religious way to say, “You Reap What You Sow”.  By doing for others, we create a path for a positive energy flow. It makes me feel good to see someone else happy. When I’m happy, the energy of happiness gives me the will to proceed with my plans to create a new plan for myself. Sharing happiness is a powerful cure for depression and anxiety.

science energy exchange

My new journey includes something I like to call, “One for Me and One for Another”. Each day I do something good for someone else as well as something good for myself. For example, yesterday I was so tired from moving things out of my storage space. I mean, so tired that I could barely stand; however, I drove my truck down to a good friend’s house to take her some things she could use.


While there, I was able to give her a ride to get groceries because she doesn’t drive. Doing this small favor for her made me feel like a helpful and true friend, plus she gave me money for gas. I needed that gas money and her giving it to me alleviated some money stress for me. This made me happy. I came home and started writing about my journey.

See? That positive exchange of energy was good for both of us. We were able to help each other by “reaping” what we’d “sown”.

Today, I will initiate another positive energy exchange. I am sure that doing so will lead me to gather more positive energy into myself. That’s a good first step.

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