Day Four:  The Universe Got Jokes…or So They Say.


Ok. Back to this business of long and short-term goals. What is it that I want and why is this the journey I’ve set my self upon. Right now? Right now, my mouth is full of super chocolatey cake I got from the German bakery down the street. I am at Uncommon Gallery, where I’m fulfilling my duty as an Exchange Artist, eating chocolate cake and celebrating today’s epiphany.


As an Exchange Artist, I volunteer time at the gallery in exchange for two walls in the next show. That’s so cool! The Universe supports my decision to lean back and let her take the wheel. Once I made up my mind to let go and let God(dess), life has been opening to me. Short Term Goal identified: Let It Ride.

download (1)1143118626..jpg

Even though I’ve downplayed it, I have gotten a lot done. I emptied my storage space and closed that account. Yes! That’s $164 a month I don’t have to fork over. I love this new me! NO Starbucks. Deleted that app and it was like rebuking The Devil! I was spending over $35 a week on coffee. That’s about $1700 or more a year. Coffee and storage combined cost me almost four thousand dollars a year. Long Term Goal identified: Make Better Money Decisions.

Make it rain in the forest

I’ve done it! Menses, Family Drama and a Sun shower could not deter me. I’ve organized the paintings I want to show and even made some back up choices. Art Mama Moves is my passion and working here is an opportunity to network, as well as meet potential collectors and sell art. It’s all about energy. I see that mine is picking up!  Time to embrace Life with optimism. I think that may be the key.

See how good it feels to cultivate positive energy? Awesome!


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