What Day is It?

Well…I’d written a brilliant litany of dynamic and epic proportions on my cell phone…but, somehow it disappeared. So, I’ll settle for this tribute to the best post in the world.


So, this thirty day path to enlightenment has already been an adventure. I had an epiphany while working out yesterday. It hit me like a lightning bolt and the pure power of it made me almost cry. I tried telling my best friend about it, but she fell asleep. I’m just gonna take that as a sign that some things can not be explained, only experienced. I will ponder the happenings of it within myself.


I’ve also been drawing conclusions based on my past behavior and the lessons to be learned from things I’ve done…or questioned…or stumbled upon while walking blindly through life. Rethinking isn’t the same as regret. I’m learning to choose new perspectives. It’s been kinda exciting.

Now, it’s once again evening and I’ve had a very busy day. Cleaning out my storage space has been an ongoing process. Everything’s out. Bill is paid. It’s just that I must figure out how to decide what stays and what goes. Like I said, it’s been a process. Some things I’ve found that I used to feel were so important, I’ve let go.

My mobile film production has been unearthed and will be put to do good use shortly. All these synchronicities! Now I understand Providence. I’ve been meeting random people:  talking cinematography, shooting indie movies again and taking on new projects. Finding my equipment just seems like the cherry on the cake of my new path.

German choco cake

Time to eat it.

Short Term Goal: Organize my things…again.

Long Term Goal: Manifest My Desires and Practice with my camera.

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