Day Sixteen: Rough Night but Whatever, Man


I ain’t even gonna lie. Last night was rough. My nasal allergies kept triggering long, painful sneezing spasms. The loop of things I never want to think of at 3am kept playing behind my eyes. I turned on my salt lap but turned it off again…and loneliness laid down on me like a heavy blanket. I was in a miserable state. It was a struggle.


Then, after going back and forth trying to force myself to feel less sad, more happy, I sat up and did magic. That’s right. I put an end to all that sh*t by taking my hands and physically pushing away the negative energy from old relationships, people and things that no longer serve me. You may not believe me, but it worked. I felt better. I was even able to write down some ideas for the gallery. Not bad. A healing and a manifestation all in one, and I did it for myself.

Beautiful its complicated quotes Magic is believing in yourself if you can do that you can make

One thing I know about making changes in my life, once the declaration is made, the testing begins. So, be ready. If you are a person beginning a journey and it seems as if everything you’ve been fighting comes onto your path, don’t worry. That’s how this works. Even Jesus was tested…according to The Bible (I spent a lot of time in church with my family as a child).


This morning, I felt really tired…because I hadn’t had much sleep. Before the dreaded loop could begin to play in my head, I put on Wayne Dyer. Then, I played Louise Hay. They always give good advice and when I take it, I feel good. So, that’s my short-term goal for the day…to feel good. I think that’s a worthy goal.

Long Term Goal: Manifest My Desires and Live Blissfully


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