Day Nineteen: New Dawn, New Day and I’m Feeling Good…Because It’s What I Want.


I started writing yesterday but got sidetracked and passed out. All I know is, it was a good day. I prayed for a good day. I willed myself to have a good day. I focused on having a good day and I fell asleep happy.

Today, I had a good day in a different sense. It was a learning day full of lessons, illustrated and played out in a way that this Cancerian can understand…sideways. This morning, I watched a tarot reading and it resonated with me. I really needed those words. I needed to hear that message. It left me with a clear perspective. I am truly traveling to new horizons and it feels good.

I went to the gallery and it started out laid back as usual. As I began to prepare to close the doors, I couldn’t find the key. It’s a single key, small and apparently easy to misplace. I turned the place upside down and couldn’t find it. I panicked, called the gallery owner and tried to fish garbage bags out of the dumpster. I’d been wearing overalls, a la Bananarama in the 80’s, that had deep pockets. I put myself through a series of half undressing and the key did not make an appearance. I went to the bathroom to change into a skirt, took of the overalls, turned them upside to begin folding…and the key fell out.
Que Lastima!

"Can you just tell me where I put my keys?"
I was so happy to find the keys that I began laughing. Laughing and Thanking the Universe that that blasted key had turned up. Talk about Gratitude! I let the gallery owner know that the key had appeared. He hadn’t gotten upset. His response was, “It happens. I’m just glad it turned up. How cool is that?

Today reminds of something I’d seen on a movie marquee, “Everything Is Illuminated”. It is. Everything comes to light, sooner or later. A missing key. Codependent Emotional Habits. All of it. My mission now is to be more than observer of myself. I am no longer allowing myself to float on the sea of Complacency. As Cree Summer’s song says, “Savior Self”. Well, she gives good advice. I’m gonna take it.

Short Term Goal: Laugh in the Face of Adversity…and Be More Observant.
Long Term Goal: Manifest My Desires and Live Well

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