Day Twenty-Four: Has It Really Been Twenty-Four Days Already? Dude…

Well, actually it’s day twenty-five now, but who’s counting? My Amir (my youngest son) called me away for mommy duty before I could finish writing last night so, que sera sera.

But the question remains, has it really been twenty-five days? It’s true. Time does keep on slippin’…into the future, and I starting feel as if thirty days isn’t long enough for this type of journey. Well, trying to cram a lifetime worth of personal development into such a short time is a bit ballsy. Maybe, it can still be done?

love andlight
But, should that be the mission? Can changing one’s life be measured in days? I think it’s the sort of thing a person should savor over the course of a lifetime. I gave myself thirty days. Let’s see how this works out.

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