Day Twenty-Six: Stayin’ Woke

Amir told me that his teacher said if you go to sleep after waking up in the morning, you’ll wake up even more tired during day. Basically, it’s better to just stay awake instead of taking a morning nap.

I think his teacher may be on to something.
It had become a recent habit of mine to go back to sleep after taking The Jabaris to their individual destinations in the morning. I didn’t have to punch a clock, so why not? But, I would sometimes wake up dragging. I just felt so sluggish and I couldn’t figure out how I was so tired after sleeping. Today I decided to skip the nap and just push on through.

At first, it didn’t seem like a good idea. I dressed for the gym, hopped in the truck and took Amir to his bus stop. After dropping him off, I drove straight to the gym but the wireless headphones I bought were going dead. I MUST have my headphones to workout. Tuning out the world and going into that safe space inside me requires headphones. Needless to say, although I’d already purchased an energy drink, I left it unopened and exited the gym.

By then, getting back to my house in traffic just seemed like something I would need caffeine to do, so I went by Racetrac to get coffee for me and gas for the truck. I must’ve been tapping on the fill button a lot because a lady looked at me and nodded. That nod signifying, “Girl…I understand.” We ended up having a cool, five minute coffee about Blue Mountain Coffee and Whole Foods. I don’t remember much of it but, after having the caffeine, things began to make sense again.

It was gallery day. I decided to just relax instead of rushing back to the gym. So, I decided to take my time getting ready and started taking down my hair. I have 4c hair. At night I plait or twist it so it’s easier to style the next day. If you know what I mean, you probably have 4c hair. If you don’t, I can’t explain it. I suggest researching 4c Hair on Youtube. It will enlighten you.

But…taking down my hair took longer than I expected and I couldn’t figure out what to wear. I still ended up rushing to the gallery. I had fun though. The gallery is a great place to do art business and I ended up getting a lot of work done, including the press release for our upcoming show.

I did make it back to gym plus I already had my energy drink chilled, fresh from my refrigerator. After an invigorating workout, I came home and ate arroz con pollo. It was delicious. The evening rounded out with me: replaiting my hair, watching Will Farrell and Kevin Hart in Get Hard (I put it in the funny with no substance category…one of my favorite categories) and ate some cookie crumbs from earlier.

geman cookies
I think that I forgot to mention that I’d dropped by Edelweiss, the German bakery, and purchased a mixed bag of teeny, tiny cookies. While there, I dropped my license…which I didn’t realize until later. I ended up frantically calling around until a voice inside me said, “Call Edelweiss. It may be there.” So, I did…and it was. Yay!

So, a day without a nap went well…although a little more intensely, weird and sporadic in moments. That’s ok. I’ll take that over groggy boredom any day of the week.

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