Day Twenty-Eight: This Is Gonna Take Longer Than I Thought

Actually, I am kinda unclear as to what day it is but I do know I haven’t written in two days, so I’ll just assume it’s Day Twenty-Eight. What I do know is that this path I’ve chosen seems to be taking a lot longer to walk than I thought. In the past, I’ve joined meditation groups, manifestation groups, chakra healing groups and a host of others with good results. It’s been a healing and growing experience in the past but this time deciding to go it alone is intense.

Maybe journeying with a group has a support system element that I am seriously lacking at the moment. Most of the friends I made since I’ve been in Florida have moved away or we’ve moved apart. At times, I feel rudderless and at sometimes, pervasive loneliness takes hold.


So, how do I make this a better experience? Well, these are my thoughts.

I want to lose weight. I have gained about ten pounds of the around thirty I’d lost. After the car accident a few months back, I’ve been expanding gradually. I’m tired of gaining weight and losing confidence. I want my swag back! Ok…I’ve never really had any swag but now’s the time, right?


Chakra aligning practices and meditation has helped in the past. I haven’t been able to meditate in months. It’s crucial to this new path to incorporate some real spiritual practice. In my opinion, a strong spiritual practice is what’s been missing in this new life I’ve been planning. Time to get aligned! My ancestors didn’t survive slavery, segregation and the GOP without prayer and self love. Time to get me some!

I am so serious  about my life and the quality of it. I have been going through the motions for too long. It’s time to get out there! It’s time to grab the reins and direct my life instead of just riding the waves. Of course, I’m pumping myself up right now. Who better to do it? What better time?

I’m rewriting the rules and making today the day that I plan the new leg of my journey. What has occurred is the preamble. Time to get real.

Today, I plan.  Beginning tomorrow, I will concentrate on my root chakra. Foods that stimulate this chakra. Meditations and frequencies to target the root chakra will be my anchor. Every week I will focus on a specific chakra. It’s worked before and I look forward adding this healing element to my journey.

So, for the next leg of this journey, let the healing begin. It’s time to bring some life to this party!

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