Day Five:  Aka the Day Before Is Recapped Here.


So, yesterday was a blur but included a lot of really potent spirit work and as Hammer would say, “It’s All Good.”


Today is Mr. Ako’s Twenty-Third Birthday. To prepare, this dedicated mom set wheels in motion. I ran to GameStop to pick up the Birthday Game (Honestly, the kids just either go with me to pick each other’s game or send me a screenshot because I am CLUELESS when it comes to videogames.) It paid off because today because, Ako enjoyed the game, cake, mochi bites (ice cream wrapped in a rice dumpling) and that makes me happy. I have an adult child…now, ain’t that somethin’?

me and jabaris

Root Chakra Week has been so Healing. Once I set my intention, Source has provided me with support, guidance and the lessons I’ve needed to learn. Without much effort, I’ve been able to eat the foods that support this chakra. Listening to binaural frequencies and meditations has been stimulating that energy of security, stability and strong foundation.


As for now, it’s time to relax. The cake has been cut and the song, sung. Mr. Ako is playing online and Mr. Amir is hanging out (online) with his friends. I’m about to shut this laptop, go in my room, put on my jammies and watch reruns of Xena and Black Dynamite. Power Friday in Effect! I may even paint…a little bit, if I feel like changing out of my pjs and into my paint jumpsuit.


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