Day Seven: Day of Rest, Indeed.

Today is the beginning of Sacral Chakra Week. I’m recovering from yesterday’s revelry and trying to stay awake as much as possible. I could never be an alcoholic. It hurts too much.

Root Chakra Week was wonderfully and intensely inspiring. I released a lot of confusion, stress and worry. New ideas just seemed to flow to me and old ways that’d I ‘d forgotten to keep active in my life were reinstalled into my daily routine. My feelings security and safety that are attached to the mundane have been stimulated. It was a good week.

Now, it’s Sacral Chakra time. This chakra is the seat of emotion, sensuality, creativity, intimacy and pleasure. Orange is it’s color and the sacral chakra is located in the ovaries for women. I’m excited for this leg of my journey. I could use some pleasure stimulation.
So, I had my orange food for dinner: Sweet and Sour Shrimp with rice. It was delicious and full of fresh, orange bell peppers. The green tea I’m sipping is actually kinda orange and it’s yummy! I feel a little less weak after eating and once again, I reiterate that I could never be an alcoholic. It hurts too much.

Looking forward to Sacral Chakra Week!

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