Day Fourteen: C’mon, Full Moon!

Solar Plexus Week…Whew!

Tomorrow is only Thursday and I’ve been low-key stressed a little. I think it’s me fighting the urge to second guess myself. Hmmm…maybe, that’s not exactly. It could be inflammation from the accident, stress or both. Whatever’s happening…this here glass of rose’ should vent the heat a little.

I’ve been really proactive about focusing on my solar plexus chakra work. I watched a video by Teal Swan today and enjoyed her way of presenting the information. Informal yet knowledgeable. I did this while shopping at Wal-Mart. I don’t feel guilty about shopping there. It’s just kind of like The Grapes of Wrath. The lighting makes everything feel like it’s coated in Soylent Green.

Anyway. So, I worked out twice today. That worked out because I ate ice cream, marshmallow cookies and fried chicken.



It’s time for some lemon water to help settle all of that debauchery… but, hey. Lemons are yellow and yellow foods make Solar Plexus Chakra happy! See? Providence.



So, since it’s written I better get on making that lemon water. Like I’ve said before, this Chakra Cycle is Amazing.

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