Day Twenty-Seven: Well, Damn Girl! Do You Ever NOT Have an Opinion?

It’s Tuesday, again. What can I say? I’ve been super busy. Heart Chakra Week just happened to be the week of Mr. Amir’s birthday, subsequent party, as well as our Date Night Paint and Sip.


Everything was groovy, but a sister is tired! I mean so tired I couldn’t sleep last night.
But, my Throat Chakra? Oh, she’s been having a lot to say.

throat chakra

So much so that I considered making today a Digital Free Day because I was ranting on social media all day yesterday. I mean just squawk, squawk, squawk! Well, I’m having a day free of social media tomorrow to celebrate Hump Day. I gotta reign this girl in!
Election time on social media has been an orgy of negativity for the past ten years or so. Everybody has such strong opinions…including me. I’ve been able to escape the trigger pit for a while, so this descent into Election Year Madness is something that kind of snuck up on me.

So, while I’m trying to muzzle this overactive communication thing, maybe it’s best if I go into classic Cancer hermit mode. Yes. I to think that’s best. Will I remember to refrain from the Devil’s clutches? If you see me on FB, be a pal and tell me to stop. I appreciate it.

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