Day Thirty-Something: All I Know is It’s Saturday.

Ok. Third Eye Chakra Week has been Intensely…Calm yet Weird. Like, I don’t know what’s happening kind of weird. Not in a bad way, I’ve just been in an oddly calm almost ambivalent yet curious mood. Maybe it’s because with this chakra, I’m supposed to reconciling my physical and spiritual bodies. Hmmm…like I said, all I know is it’s Saturday.

weird spider
It’d been a long time since I could remember my dreams. I’m sure it’s because a few years ago I was having apocalyptic, Mad Max type dreams that felt so real that I threw up a block. Those dreams were of me trying to find my oldest son, who was away at college, but fighting of all kinds of crazy people and situations while on this journey. Sometimes, my youngest son was with me and other times, I was alone. Fighting…everything, to save my family. I’d wake up with a start. In a panic, and truly afraid. I wanted to write off as a fear of Mr. Ako leaving for school…but, is that really what happened?


How does this relate to Third Eye Chakra Week? Well, the other night I decided that for Third Eye Chakra Week I wanted to try dreaming again. I did dream…but it was another dream that made me wake up with a start. This time involving my younger son. I rescued him and some other little boys from a sexual predator. I just remember screaming at the man, “Did you have sex with my son?”, over and over before I shot him. When I shot him, I woke up with a scream on my lips…but didn’t make a sound.

What does all of this mean? All I know is that I am not in love with these fear-based scenarios and I think that I’m supposed to face them. Apparently, in my dreams I’ve become a protector determined to save my children. Like I said, this could use some study. I shouldn’t be afraid to dream…but, this is pretty intense.

Remember that movie, Dreamscape? That was one of my favorite movies as a kid. We had cable and whenever it came on, I was all about it. I wonder if that technology is available now. I think it would be good to get some help. Wasn’t Dennis Quaid also in Innerspace? Hmm…what does he know?