Day Fourteen: Gallery Night and I Was All Aglow


My first gallery show in three years was last night…and it ROCKED. My fellow exchange artist and I created a nice room, if I must say so myself. Me and Amanda have been in shows together, plus she’s an Art Mama Cancer, just like me. Although our work is very different, I feel that we complement each other’s style. Not to mention that she gave me this AWESOME, pink Marilyn Monroe t-shirt and tied my hair with rockabilly ribbon.

I met quite a few patrons of the gallery last night. It was fun to talk and socialize with people who love art for arts sake. Michael, the gallery owner, came over to tell us, the Bellini drinkers, that the sunset was beautiful, and everyone went outside to watch the sunset.  I love artists. We find beauty in the essence of things, as well as the obvious.


My friends, Shakera and Lynette, came to support our show. It’s pretty awesome to have friends who are down for the cause. (chuckle) We always have fun and they enjoy being social.

I’m trying to stay awake, but Bellini’s and tequila are making me want to crawl under the covers.

So, I gotta call this one, done.

Short Term Goal: Get Some Sleep and Enjoy the Happy Feelings

Long Term Goal: Manifest My Desires and Express Gratitude.

I’m Gonna Tell You Something Good.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…well, pondering really. Why do we flock to situations that feel bad when all we want to do is feel good?

For instance, relationships are as beautiful or as painful as we allow them to be. If you believe that relationships suck, they will. If you believe in setting your own boundaries and being optimistic, you’ll attract that into your life.

I’ve learned a few things this week. One, people don’t tell you that they cheat out of the kindness of their hearts. It’s a warning…especially if they blame the other person in the relationship. “He made me cheat” or “She made me do it” are just excuses. Instead of being dishonest, why not just walk away or at least have enough balls to communicate your dissatisfaction. It’s not that hard.

I’m gonna tell you why people cheat. It’s because their childish assholes. Point Blank. Period. It’s not the other person in the relationship’s fault. It’s not Trump’s fault (although he is a known cheater) and it ain’t The Devil. People cheat because the want to cheat. They enjoy being clandestine. It’s fun…until it’s not.

I’m gonna tell why people listen to relationship advice. People take bad advice from actors, gurus, mamas, comedians and well meaning hoteps because they’re desperate. It’s hard out here for a pimp…so, you know it’s hard out there for regular folks. The only person you need to listen to is yourself. You know what to do. Listen to that little voice in your head that says, “Don’t drink the Kool-aid!”. You deserve better.

I’m gonna tell you why people don’t think for themselves. They watch too much gotdamn TV. All of that reality horsehiite is bad for the soul. The FDA should regulate American BS consumption. Just look at this place! Blood is on the streets and we have a horse’s a$$ running this nation into the ground like a whore with a wooden leg.

Now…what have you learned children?

Hopefully, you learned that:

Love is not a game. It’s an adventure.

Self-Respect is not an option.

It’s our birth right.

Asses should follow…not lead.

Excuses are not reasons.

Scott Baio is a broken down Ralph Macchio.

Rituals and Staying Sane

For the past several months I’ve been keeping a journal. I typically wake up and give myself an oracle card reading. This satisfies me in two different ways: spiritually as well as mentally. My morning ritual is to get still, center myself, pray and then deal myself into this Game of Life.

My way is to deal out four cards in a North-South-East-West pattern with four tenets in mind. North equals Love. South equals Happiness. East is Joy. West is Fulfillment. I typically use Doreen Virtues, Goddesss Guidance cards but I have used others in the past.

Once I’ve finished dealing, I go back and write the meaning of each card or my interpretation of the meaning into my Oracle journal. Today’s cards came up like this:15045333600281294106165     I am seeking. This method of self guidance and self awareness gives me a feeling of Peaceful Anticipation. I am less angsty. I am more aligned. I feel as if I am empowering myself in so many ways.

Spiritual Tools are Magic. Magic is the Energy of Self Empowering Love and Manifestation. I am so happy to be on this path.

Silent (R)evolution.

It’s after 2am on a Thursday morning and my mind is racing. My horoscopes tell me not to worry. The energy of the universe is ripe with conflict, confusion and discord, they say. After consulting the oracle, the message I recieved is to veer away from giving my power away by blaming others. I’m getting the feeling that it’s all about me being strong. Being focused on my own power. I hear you, Universe…but I need a little comfort food for my soul.

My birthday message was to Stay True And Be In Your Power. I have taken that to heart but what does it mean? I ask now because I have once again found myself at a crossroads. I am in need of healing. My immediate need is to discover how to heal.

There is a point in every persons life when she must widen her gaze and stop succumbing to patterns which no longer serve her. It was around this time last year that I had to exercise Faith and Spiritual Diligence. Why has this combination of issues reared its head again? Why am I facing problems I thought were solved in the  past?

I think that the problem isn’t in the why. I’m not even sure that there is a problem. I could just be dealing with the malaise of my generation but here’s what I’m doing about it.

I center myself spiritually. Admittedly I have had moments of self pity and tearful rantings against the injustices heaped upon me. Crying supplies some relief but change doesn’t begin with simple release. I pray. I meditate.

I accept that I am a spirit being experiencing life as a human and that being human comes with its challenges. I know myself more than ever so, why has it been so tough these past few days? The ups and downs have been so drastic, do I dare say it, time for a revolution.

A spiritual revolution, to be more exact. It’s time to rekindle the fire beneath my feet. I need results. I demand a change within. Apathy has gotten me nowhere. I challenge myself to use the tools available to me to strike at the heart of terror, even if those tools seem as small as a hammer in the face of a tank.

What are my weapons?

Self Love. Meditation. Showering myself with positive affirmations. Prayer. Moments of solitude. Paying attention to my emotions, aside from my reaction to others. My Definite Purpose. Self Motivation. These are my non-lethal weapons.

Now that I’ve written all of this down, I feel much more centered. Release is also an under used tool in my arsenal. The energy of this time is intense. Maybe it’s time to go back to my daily writing habit. I’ve missed it and writing is my favorite way to vent the angst build up within.

Let the Revolution begin!

But…after the fight, what then? When the fire cools, how do I prevent falling into the same traps? That’s when the revolution becomes evolution. It’s at that time I need to rebuild and recover. The battle is the easiest part. The preventing future battles is The Great Work. How do I do this?

Well, stepping out on Faith is the beginning. The same tools for the battle work. Maintaining a positive energy field around and within me is where I begin. More affirmations, more positivity and prayer is necessary to keep this field steady. More self work and self love.

I will grow and change. Become someone new and improved because survival of the fittest is real. Although I must fight, I must conquer my fears as well. It’s imperative that I become a Highly Evolved Spirit Being, for my own sake.



Now, Who Else Want Some?

It’s no secret that I am no fan of The GOP. They can’t even believe what a monster their party has unleashed upon the galaxy in the form of Donald “The Don” Trump. I am not here to address that hottest of hot messes. No. This time I just have a couple of bones to pick. I am here to roast the people who leave asinine comments on social media posts. I am here today to release the Kraken.

I live in one of the most notorious states in the USA. Florida…also known as Tennesee with a tan. It’s so racist here that an armed idiot: shot down a child walking home from the store, got away with doing it and then…sold the murder weapon online. That’s just one bold, bright, shining example of what I’m dealing with here.

Racism is so rank and rabid here that it fouls the air. Literally, the stench of abject poverty seems to waft from many of our lesser affluent areas. The LAST thing I want to read on Facebook is some jackass jumping on one of my posts, bitchin’ about Affirmative Action or President Obama or whatever, especially in the light of our countries latest Police Killing/Police Killed situation.  So, let me be clear (Yes. You should hear President Obama’s voice every time you read that phrase).

Stay in your lane…or at least on your own page. I don’t give a rat’s fat a$$ how you feel about Affirmative Action because I have yet to be given a job when a more highly qualified white man applied. All of that malarky is just empty rhetoric, spewed to rouse the closet racists. “Oh, woe is me. A black woman got MY job. The job I deserved. Even though she has two Ph.d’s and speaks 7 languages, that job was MINE.” Miss me with that bs, as the kids say.

I am obviously and PROUDLY an African American woman. See the picture? Please don’t expect me to co-sign any of that Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter/ All Labs Matter horse pucky. I LOVE my community. I know that the police are overworked, underpaid, stressed out and abused. The STATE is who they should picket for more pay, better benefits and better training…oh, and mental health support. We need them. On the other hand, many of them are out there in bad mental shape and out of control. They need help…but somebody’s gotta stop the killing. Who will it be?

YES. I am disappointed that Bernie endorsed Hillary. We all are because she’s an entitled, elitist, Monsanto loving devil. But, I don’t hate Hillary enough to hand over our country to that pig f**ker, The Don, either. I plan to vote against every single incumbent in Congress. We just need them out of there. Congress has been owned by Satan for too long. Kick ’em out because at this point, that’s the only place change will take hold.


Ok…I feel better. Now it’s time to dedicate my energy to something more useful. Meditation. I’ve already taken some time to do it this morning but after all of this political talk, my soul could use another aromatherapy massage.

Oh! I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Messenger, too.  It’s been so much more peaceful around the farm lately.