Day Fifteen: Everything’s Yellow!

It’s Thursday, so I am of course at the gallery…where I love to be. Seriously, I am probably the busiest person I know without a typical job. Wait…not true. Most of my friends don’t have typical jobs. Cool! I like that about us.



We can’t always vibe together, but we aren’t in a hurry to vibe with the average joe either. Besides, the average joe kind of sucks.

That wasn’t always the case but since the advent of Trump World…people who call themselves average joes are decidedly patriarchal racists. So, there’s that…but back to me and my loving community of weirdos, artists and eccentrics.

Solar Plexus Week will make a sister focus! I mean, I don’t ever think I’ve been this truly introspective. Turning BLANKETY BLANK BLANK years old has really caused me to look outside myself for the first time. I’ve been trying to situate myself into spaces that aren’t meant for me. Now…I feel free enough to really question and analyze me. The ME I am. The ME I present. The Me I Am Becoming.

Manipura chakra infographic. Third, solar plexus chakra symbol description and features. Information for kundalini yoga
Manipura chakra infographic. Third, solar plexus chakra symbol description and features. Information for kundalini yoga practice

It’s Beautiful.


Day Fourteen: C’mon, Full Moon!

Solar Plexus Week…Whew!

Tomorrow is only Thursday and I’ve been low-key stressed a little. I think it’s me fighting the urge to second guess myself. Hmmm…maybe, that’s not exactly. It could be inflammation from the accident, stress or both. Whatever’s happening…this here glass of rose’ should vent the heat a little.

I’ve been really proactive about focusing on my solar plexus chakra work. I watched a video by Teal Swan today and enjoyed her way of presenting the information. Informal yet knowledgeable. I did this while shopping at Wal-Mart. I don’t feel guilty about shopping there. It’s just kind of like The Grapes of Wrath. The lighting makes everything feel like it’s coated in Soylent Green.

Anyway. So, I worked out twice today. That worked out because I ate ice cream, marshmallow cookies and fried chicken.



It’s time for some lemon water to help settle all of that debauchery… but, hey. Lemons are yellow and yellow foods make Solar Plexus Chakra happy! See? Providence.



So, since it’s written I better get on making that lemon water. Like I’ve said before, this Chakra Cycle is Amazing.

I Don’t Even Know What Today Is…But I’ll Go With Day Twelve.

Time is an illusion anyway, isn’t it? It’s Solar Plexus Week and I am Loving It. Lessons that I needed to really apply, because I kinda already learned them, have presented themselves…and it’s only Tuesday.

First, I learned a while back that sex without any really intimacy is a waste of time. I’ve also learned to listen and ask questions when someone offers sex to me. I don’t want to waste my time getting dirty, faking pleasure and driving home unfulfilled. I am soooo glad that I am smart enough to apply this knowledge instead of recreating tragic scenes from my 20’s. In fact, that may be the title for my next movie, “Tragic Scenes from My 20’s”. It’d be an emo-comedy/ after school special.

So, I turned down the sex. One, I knew it’d be bad because he kept saying things that didn’t sound like he’d even considered my pleasure. What gives dude? If I just wanted someone to shove a foot-long pole in me, I could do that myself…and that is not sexy to me. I feel proud of myself, too. I didn’t slink away. I actually had an empowering conversation with said dude. I let him know that what he was offering was not interesting to me in the slightest. He seemed to take it in stride. If not, I did… and if he can be selfish, I can be cavalier.

Solar Plexus work is like that, I guess. I even said to him, “The Universe got jokes,” and chuckled a little. I’m loving this chakra cycle. I feel myself growing. Who knew? I’m learning myself after all of this time.

12931904 - the solar plexus chakra

Day Ten: I Took A Little Break from Writing

The past couple of days have been pretty hectic. The alternator went out in my car yesterday. Good news is that I made it home with help from Na, my second mom aka mother in law. I called my brother, who was recently hit by a garbage truck while driving to work, and he said, “Call Mac.”

I don’t recall ever having met my Cousin Mac before yesterday. He’s my Mom’s cousin as well as my Cousin Biscuit’s cousin. Don’t ask. My parents are from a small town. So, my Cousin Mac is quite the car guru. He took out the alternator and is having it rebuilt. Not for free but dang near it. It’s true what they say, Blood is Thicker Than Water.

Gallery Night is tomorrow and I am so glad that I prepared my walls on Tuesday. I did not make it in today and not having to stress about getting ready was a great relief. As the old folks say, “Thank you, Jesus!”

I mean with all of the drama, I’m still grateful. I didn’t have to get a tow truck. My family was able to help me out. I met my Cousin Mac, who is hilarious by the way. My walls are pretty much ready at the gallery. Life is Good.

The Sacral Chakra is the center of creativity, sensuality and pleasure. I’m taking pleasure in the blessings and lessons. I’m learning how to take it easy when it comes to trying to date. I’m painting and creating.
Isn’t that the point?

Day Eight: Creativity, Pleasure and Sensuality…Sacral Chakra Time

I can tell its Sacral Chakra Week because I’ve already read two of my favorite romance novels and gotten a phone call from a guy I haven’t heard from in a while. The books were way more exciting than the call. It’s time to get me some happy!

This time around, instead of focusing on finding love, I’m focused on loving myself and getting some money! As a living artist, creating financial opportunities for myself has become paramount. Without a traditional job to fall back on, selling art and scheduling events for the gallery is my priority. Creative energy sits in the Sacral Chakra. Time to creatively build my money stacks and put out beautiful pieces of art.
In fact, it’s time to go paint!


Day Seven: Day of Rest, Indeed.

Today is the beginning of Sacral Chakra Week. I’m recovering from yesterday’s revelry and trying to stay awake as much as possible. I could never be an alcoholic. It hurts too much.

Root Chakra Week was wonderfully and intensely inspiring. I released a lot of confusion, stress and worry. New ideas just seemed to flow to me and old ways that’d I ‘d forgotten to keep active in my life were reinstalled into my daily routine. My feelings security and safety that are attached to the mundane have been stimulated. It was a good week.

Now, it’s Sacral Chakra time. This chakra is the seat of emotion, sensuality, creativity, intimacy and pleasure. Orange is it’s color and the sacral chakra is located in the ovaries for women. I’m excited for this leg of my journey. I could use some pleasure stimulation.
So, I had my orange food for dinner: Sweet and Sour Shrimp with rice. It was delicious and full of fresh, orange bell peppers. The green tea I’m sipping is actually kinda orange and it’s yummy! I feel a little less weak after eating and once again, I reiterate that I could never be an alcoholic. It hurts too much.

Looking forward to Sacral Chakra Week!

Day Six: J’ouvert Must Be French for Debauchery


I have to make this quick. The Flight of the Conchords Live is coming on in a little while…and I’m stoked about it! I love Brett and Jemaine. They’re quirky boyfriends I’ve always wanted. Maybe, One day.


Speaking of Live, I went to my first J’ouvert Festival. It felt kind of like Mardi Gras but cooler and with less drunk frat boys. Some of my family members were organizers, so I ended up getting a free ticket. I didn’t know it was a morning event, so I planned to head out in the afternoon. Then, I saw some photos on Instagram around 9am, checked the ticket and it said 7am—2pm. Dang! I jumped up, got dressed and headed out.


After a traffic experience that I will not detail right now, I made it into the festival. As I was standing in line, it started to rain. Not a cute little summer shower. A full on, cold wind and heavy droplets down pour. No one seemed phased. In fact, some folks started dancing and blowing whistles. Alright then, I can go with the flow. No problem.


I’d smuggled in a small container of tequila. Don’t judge me. As I was standing under the awning of the recreation center with the other revelers, I took that sucker to the head. Like magic, the sun appeared, and the rain stopped. Awesome! Stumbling out into the mud, I joined the line of dancers, singers and DJs circling the park.

Now, I sometimes rest on bitch face, so I decided to actively smile. The more I practiced my automatic smile, the more fun I had…and that felt good. I found a truck where they filled up cups with liquor. This very nice, and quite handsome man noticed that I was having a hard time getting noticed by the bartenders. He indicated that I should hand him my cup. Within minutes, I had a full cup of vodka and Redbull. Yes, Ma’am! He even had the good grace to leave without flirting. Yay!


Ok…I’m slowing down now.

Anyway, it was a fun day. I came home completely inebriated and fell asleep. When I woke up, Flight of the Conchords was on, the series not the live show. The live show is coming on in a little while. I’m going to rock the party!