Manifesting Is Fun!

For a while there, I was contemplating joy. Where’d mine go? I sincerely began to miss the Me who felt Pure Joy. Where’d she gone? The Crystal I thought I’d been. Had that girl ever existed? Have I worn masks so long that I’d forgotten to tend to my own Joy? What is Joy? It’s not the same as Happiness. Don’t assume that it is. They are different vibrations. Happiness is the ocean’s surface. Joy is the Ocean, the Sky and the Horizon. It’s a complete state of being and Happiness is a mood. Back to manifesting. After pondering personal Joy for a while, I decided to address the issue scientifically and spiritually. The problem had been identified. I missed the joy of feeling independent. I miss the feeling of inclusion. I began to hunger for joy. I want it. It is my driving desire. For the past couple of years, the thought of having an art show has held my intention. Recently, all of the stars aligned and now? Now I’m hosting an art show with some of my favorite artists. Ain’t that something? I am so Grateful and Full of Joy. I’m finding my way back to it. My Joy. A feeling of having a vision and the experience of it unfolding. Becoming Alive. I love this feeling. Manifesting is a lot like the scientific method. Identify the Problem. Establish a Hypothesis. Experiment. Observe. Analyze. Conclude. This is so much fun! Our show is in December. December 2nd, to be exact. I am so pumped. This must be how Rocky feels before he wins. Electric!


You Bet Your Bottom Dollar We Did!


Oh My Goddess!

We just booked a kick a$$ venue for December. I am not at liberty to give out any details…but…Oh! I’m just ECSTATIC. Let me just say this. Gratitude Works. Concentrating Energy Works. I am happily riding this Optimal Output Train and it feels Amazing.

It feels doubly Awesome because we went out and Got It. The owner of the venue is totally kick ass frickin’ awesome. The space has so many ways it can be used. All I can say is:

Thank You, Source Of All That Is.


Here’s One For The Thought Police. Kiss My Black Ass.

This world has gone to Hell. Christians. If you’re still here, you must’ve sinned because stuck here with the rest of us. The chariot done swung low and your a$$ didn’t get go. We are living in the Time After.

Was that dramatic enough? I mean…are you awake now? I hope so because shit’s about to get real.

I’ve noticed a lot of supposed non-racists doing some pretty racist stuff. Like…when a Black person is attacked, killed or otherwise abused, a non-racist will say,”Well…I need more information or what happened before the video.” Then when a Black person questions these statements all of a sudden racism is our fault or, my all time favorite, that black folks anger creates racism.

What in the White Hell? Laughable. Black People make white people racists. That’s just like saying Steve Harvey gives Trump street cred.