A Little Crazy Will Color Your Cheeks.

I’ve been riding that crazy train for a couple of weeks.

First, the fender bender. Ever since that truck hit me, I’ve been a little nervous about driving in traffic…and there’s always traffic in South Florida. Not only is there traffic but people generally drive like their on Crack. It’s a little intimidating.

Next, I met someone who replaced my long standing crush on The Shaman for about two weeks.

It didn’t work out.

Ironically, The Shaman was the one person I could talk honestly to about the situation. That’s something I guess.

I did; however, learn a few things about myself from both of these situations. First, I’m not a ‘get over person’ but I’m not a pushover either. Second, I am so impatient with people…especially when they play mind games.

As soon as I got the police report back about the accident, the ambulance chasers started calling. They ‘re so annoying! I quite frankly told on lady that I don’t have time keep going to the doctor just so he and the lawyer can get rich. Period.

My insurance pays up to$10,000 for accident cases. The lawyer wants 40% to pursue the case. That’s $4,000. Doctors visits three times a week for five weeks…another $4000 at least. That leaves me with maybe $2,000. Why not just take the $2000? Well…that’s my logic.

On the flip side…Art Mama Moves is coming along quite nicely. I have six confirmed artists and one them is a singer. Yay! I’m super psyched about this show.

I’ve been putting Earl Nightingale goal cards all over the place so I can LITERALLY keep my eyes on the prize.

So, what have we learned today children? Well, I’ve learned that life is like a Georges Seurat painting. Up close, its a bunch of little dots but step back a bit, take it all in and the big picture is really quite beautiful.


In A Cancer’s World…

I am nothing but honest. I’d like to think of myself as naive and without guile but there are too many witnesses. I like adventure. Apparently, I’m having one right now. It’s called “Crystal’s Midlife Crisis” and this story makes Game Of Thrones seem boring.

Procrastinating Still…But Working On It.

I wrote the following words a couple of years ago. Let’s say…in true procrastinator fashion, I’m ready to get back on track.

I just have to laugh at myself sometimes. I am simultaneously serious and hilariously self involved. Oh, well. Welcome to My Cancer’s World…lol.

The Ten Day Money Game
( Fun for Procrastinators )

The practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute” before a deadline.
Wikipedia, 2015

I used to be a procrastinator. It’s true. I made many plans…and followed up on about one quarter of them. As a writer, I’d started dozens of novels only to leave each good idea to fester in the recesses of my digital memory banks…undone.

But then, I met a publisher and showed her some of my work. Although she was less than impressed with the stories I’d shared, she did give me some amazing advice. This woman, who is now my writing coach, suggested that I read two books, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clauson.

Sometime passed and I still hadn’t followed her advice. My writing hadn’t progressed past the beginning stages and my growth seemed stifled. One day I was browsing the book aisle at a local thrift store and there it sat, a paperback copy of Think and Grow Rich. It’s the fifty-three cents I’ve ever spent.

Yet even more time passed, (told you I was a procrastinator), and by now I’d enlisted the help of my writing coach. She was guiding me through the basics of ‘thinking outside the box’ and writing everyday by maintaining a blog (online journal). When I told her that I’d found the book, she reminded me that we’d discussed reading it and now had no excuse. I got my hands on a copy of The Richest Man in Babylon and read both books.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with several metaphysical practices. As a member of IndigoSync, I participated in activities designed to promote mental elasticity and positive attitude while also improving physical states of being. My favorites were the ones that lasted for ten or more days and focused on one specific goal. I found that having a routine that encouraged me to ‘smile and move’ or maintain a food journal for a set amount of days , made me not only feel better physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As part of the group experience, I gained the confidence to play manifestation games. One of my favorite games was based on the idea that every morning you wake up to a cash infusion from The Universe that had to be completely spent/invested by days end, with none remaining. It was fun…but sometimes it could be stressful for me. At that time, the amounts were difficult for my mind to process and they increased every day!
Recently I began the process of home ownership. Where I live in South Florida, it’s a lengthy and bumpy road. I needed something that would keep me focused. The money game I’d played before came to mind but I wanted something more practical for procrastinators like me. A game that had elements of a vision boardand allowed an expression of “Definite of Purpose”, a principle I’d learned to appreciate after reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.

After experimenting with a few templates, I came up with something fun, powerful and an awesome tool for manifesting results : The Ten Day Money Game (fun for procrastinators) was born.

Art Mama Moves: Call to Artists


Presents: Frida, Olivia and Me!

Name of Venue:

Two& – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Work Media: SCULPTURE, PAINTINGS, A/V based, Performance Art

Work Size: minimum 6’X6’ and maximum 80 Lb. weight

Entry Requirements:

1. Cover letter describing submission

2. Submit digital images via email to artmamamoves@gmail.com

Images should be presented in JPEG format with image size set to 300 dpi

resolution, 4″ x 6″ image size, approximately.

3. Artist Resume including short biography, and exhibition

record, if applicable.

Timeline: December 2, 2017 – December 16, 2017

Entries Due: October 30, 2017

Selection Process: Pieces should be relevant to theme (Women Who Rock) for selection.

Notification to artist: All artists will be notified within one week of submission

Accepted Artwork: Work must be ready to hang or if sculpture, must have a mount or placement protection for display purposes.

Delivery: November 30th before 8pm.

Reception: There will be a small reception for artists the evening before the show. Time and Location TBA.

Exhibit or Event Ends: Work will be on display until December 17

Pickup Artwork by: Work must be picked up by December 17th. If art has been shipped, return shipping packages and parcel payment must be ready for return by that date as well.

Sales: Work sold will be subject to commission costs. No fee to submit.

Contact: Crystal Jaudon c/o artmamamoves@gmail.com or jaudoncrystal@yahoo.com

Manifesting Is Fun!

For a while there, I was contemplating joy. Where’d mine go? I sincerely began to miss the Me who felt Pure Joy. Where’d she gone? The Crystal I thought I’d been. Had that girl ever existed? Have I worn masks so long that I’d forgotten to tend to my own Joy? What is Joy? It’s not the same as Happiness. Don’t assume that it is. They are different vibrations. Happiness is the ocean’s surface. Joy is the Ocean, the Sky and the Horizon. It’s a complete state of being and Happiness is a mood. Back to manifesting. After pondering personal Joy for a while, I decided to address the issue scientifically and spiritually. The problem had been identified. I missed the joy of feeling independent. I miss the feeling of inclusion. I began to hunger for joy. I want it. It is my driving desire. For the past couple of years, the thought of having an art show has held my intention. Recently, all of the stars aligned and now? Now I’m hosting an art show with some of my favorite artists. Ain’t that something? I am so Grateful and Full of Joy. I’m finding my way back to it. My Joy. A feeling of having a vision and the experience of it unfolding. Becoming Alive. I love this feeling. Manifesting is a lot like the scientific method. Identify the Problem. Establish a Hypothesis. Experiment. Observe. Analyze. Conclude. This is so much fun! Our show is in December. December 2nd, to be exact. I am so pumped. This must be how Rocky feels before he wins. Electric!