She Crab Soup

I was in the quaqmire of emotion this morning.  Then I spotted an Abraham Hicks video that a friend posted on Facebook. I’d heard of Abraham Hicks but never read or heard anything for myself. Imagine my surprise when a woman’s voice began speaking to me.

The video talked about reality and our need to shift focus in order to attract what we want. It resonated with me. I am now a fan.

I retract my statements from earlier this morning. My focus is shifted and I am raising my vibration.

Stepping forward into my destiny. Seeing isn’t always believing. Thank You Abraham Hicks.

I’ve been hacked! …and it’s ok.

My Facebook account was hacked a couple of days ago.  I’m kind of a Facebook junkie so it could’ve been a big deal for me. But…a few days away from Facebook has actually been sorta liberating.

A couple of things that I’d put off  like creating a vision board and playing Monopoly with my eight year old, I started over the weekend. I’ve never made a vision board. It’s been fun so far! I have played Monopoly with The Little Round Head Boy and he always wins. lol. I don’t let him win either! He’s what we like to call an ‘avid investor’. Love that kid. Love his brother too.

I went to dinner with some friends last night. That was sooo much more fun than chatting online and posting  pics of things I’d LIKE to do. We ended up doing some light bar hopping. So in essence, I got a little exercise too. In my world, dancing and walking in heels counts as exercise. It does. Really.

So, I haven’t been networking for my business. I haven’t been making witty remarks and engaging my peers in intellectual debates. I have been being active in my real time life. It’s felt good.

Maybe my account will be fixed by tomorrow. Hopefully. I have my fingers crossed. But, if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with my time. 

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Something I like to listen to while working or meditating.

Solfeggio Master Frequency

I am my own project. Meaning that as I grow in my spiritual journey, my mundane experiences are exhibiting more maturity. This concept really only resonates with us free thinkers but…I feel that it’s true.

Since my sex fast a few months ago, many of the sources of entertainment I sought just don’t interest me anymore. That fast set me on a journey of exploration which lead me to healing frequencies.

I tried one about three months ago. I’d had a really irritating headache for several hours but didn’t want to take more OTC drugs. I was trolling the internet for natural remedies to headaches when a bunch of Youtube videos for headache healing frequencies popped up. I picked one…and have been in love with binaurals ever since.

What really grinds my gears…

     This morning is about letting go. I could be upset that my insurance company screwed me, yet again, but what would that do? I could be upset that because my insurance company screwed me and now I don’t have money to pay my phone bill, but again, why? Today is the day I let go.

     As a Cancer, I am prone to high emotional states. When I’m happy, I’m ecstatic! When I’m sad, I’m depressed. I can be a barrel of laughs or a shrieking harpy…although in my defense, I’ve curbed the screaming considerably since becoming a parent. It scares the children…lol.

     So, instead of allowing myself to become upset over these material discomforts, I’ve decided to go within. I will not call the insurance company and go through the whole ritual of waiting on hold, talking to agents, waiting on hold again, etc. It’ll only make me upset…and still will not change the outcome. I will not call the phone company and beg for an extension. I will not call my parents and ask them for money, even though I’m sure they’d give it to me. 

     Nope. Today this Crab will meditate. She will write. She will relax and have a good day. Tomorrow the bill will be paid. Tomorrow I will take a trip to the beach and watch the karate students graduate to their next level. All that will happen tomorrow. Today is for me.