Mommy Dearest…Not

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I’ve dated a lot of women with Mommy Issues. Is it me alone who has experienced being with someone who hates their mother? I’m definitely a mom. Maybe some women are drawn to me because I am. But, it never lasts. How can you love someone who reminds you of a person you despise?
Is it me or do most lesbians have mommy issues?

I know that many women will not like that I ask this question in an open forum, well actually on my Facebook page…and this is not an invitation for all of the secret homophobes lurking on my page to spout whatever rhetoric they feel the need to express.

Resist the urge to be an asshole.

Divine Grace

I USED to have mommy issues…but not major ones. I wasn’t abused or abandoned or downtrodden. I was just a spoiled little Black American Princess in a working class family. I wanted to live like The Huxtables. We were the Anti-Cosby’s in my mind. Like I said, I had issues. My mother loved me though, I always knew that. Even when we had ‘beef’, I knew she loved me.

She still loves me. Go figure. lol.

I have dated all manner of beautiful, intelligent women who struggle with mental and physical scars of abuse inflicted by their mothers. Bible Thumpers, if you don’t want your kid to come out crazy, stop trying to beat the gay out of them. It doesn’t stop them from being gay. It just makes them dysfunctional AND gay. Then we, the people who date your progeny have to deal with the mess.

So, my advice to lesbians is this, come out sooner. Don’t wait until you have a girlfriend to do it. It only makes your loved ones blame the woman you brought home instead of processing your gayness.

Mothers of lesbians, love your daughters. Don’t try to change them into something they’re not and never will be…which is straight. Don’t pressure us to have long hair or grandchildren. Do tell your girls that you love them.  Then, she can love herself.

She may even give you grandchildren, if you’re nice.

That way you can play with that one. That one, may be straight. Gay usually skips a generation.


Resurrected Crab Scorpion Lion Woman

2014-12-25 01.28.02

I’m starting to feel like my self again.

The fog has lifted and this Crab has stepped onto the beach. She has been in deep waters for too long. Sunning myself, I’ve whipped out my stinger.

Sassy Scorpion in new shoes and lipstick. Watch out for my sting!

This is not a well thought out piece.

I am running on pure emotion…and that’s a good thing.

I am riding this wave of happiness straight into the horizon.

Shaking my golden mane.

I am Grateful.


The sun is out. The air is clean.

My heart is light.

My soul is pure energy.

I am alive.

It’s about time.