Detox Cleanse Journal: Day One


Ok…so I panicked. I panicked because although I’d prepared myself mentally for this cleansing process, I’d neglected to prepare my refrigerator. I had NOTHING! lol. Well…I had pears. Lucky for me the pear I chose for breakfast was sweet with some tartness and delicious. Yum! But, today was Career Day at The Little Round Head Boy’s school and I had to fortify myself for the day. I dashed into Winn Dixie and came out with 2 Larabars (yum!), a Naked Juice (Superfood) and some water. I was ready!


So I get to the school and they have a spread for the volunteers. lol.  I mean there were muffins, croissants and coffee…care of Dunkin Donuts. I love Dunkin Donuts. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee. I love their chocolate chip muffins. I love their toasted Everything bagel. Normally I’d have been in Heaven. But today was the first day…I could last one day, couldn’t I? Yes I Can! So…I grabbed a croissant and was not to feel guilty about it.


It’s been a good cleansing day so far. I made a mistake and had about two spoonfuls of Frosted Cheerios (had almond milk but forgot about the frosting until after diggin’ in) but I gave the rest away. Otherwise, I’ve been mostly good.

Time to meditate myself to sleep.

Happy Detox!


My month long cleansing adventure…among other things.

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