I Can Be Quite Moody.

So, I was having an angsty moment and now I’m repentant. PMS is a helluva a m**%*(f’er… and for all of you who’re convinced it isn’t a real thing, kiss my grits.

Anyway…have you been irritated, not because anything’s the matter, and you can’t pinpoint why? I have. Quite recently…but I got through it. The mood lasted a couple of hours and it has passed. In it’s aftermath I apologize to all I may have offended. It wasn’t intentional. I am a Cancer. What can I say? It’s part of my charm.

Don’t worry. I allow my friends their queen outs and try not to take them seriously. I’m a Cancer. We do try to be fair, honest and despise confrontations. I’ll be completely honest with you, even if you lie to my face. That’s your baggage. Love ya anyway, Cocise.

Love Me?

I really am a nice person.


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