On The Fringe With Friends…and Then We Rock Out.

Another wonderful paint day yesterday and as Alicia Keys would say, “This Girl is on Fire!”

150872_319354811498582_1895240089_n 169901_289171031183627_1020455077_o

I sold a painting for the first time…Yay! It was an exciting moment for me and the buyer was awesome. It was a painting I’d started at my first live painting gig about two years ago. I wish I had better photos of her but glad she’s going to a good home.  Now about the sale…lol. First of all, in true Cancer fashion, I hadn’t even priced anything. So when she asked how much it was, I came up with a number on the fly. She was happy with the number. We talked about the piece and it was cool. She said that the reason she wanted it was because it could be hung different ways. I’d told her that sometimes I’d hang it with the blue part upright and other times, with the orange part upright. So we played with Birth/Rebirth and I released her to her new mommy.

I’m still working on fumes so if this post seems a little disjointed…it is. lol.

So, I got a table at the first Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival yesterday…which is where I sold my painting. I’d heard of Fringe so I was super psyched to be a part of it . I’m so glad that we were there!  I feel more confident in my artist shoes now so talking about my work comes more naturally than it did. My friend Vivian shared the table with me and we had a blast. My friend Vivian is so cool. She is not shy about talking with folks about her art. I’m learning a lot from her about the ‘business’ of art. We’re partnering up for a few projects this summer. I love you, Sistar Vivian!

11107728_10206296220825668_4783019212403476279_n 11182264_10206296221065674_4651450455021745350_n

After packing up and taking a quick dinner break at the house, I kissed the Jabari Bros and headed out to see Bullet to the Blade play. They’re friends with my Super Homie Heather so we drove to Respects for their album release party. Even though I’d been up all day, the band was so good that I danced and sang and danced for their entire set. Awesome!

11182264_10206296203505235_520154306498106876_n 11188230_10206296203105225_5589521422953518376_n

My weekends are turning out to be fun and lucrative. I am enjoying my life as a working artist. I didn’t write yesterday but I painted all day. To make up for not writing yesterday, I plan to double up on the tasks I missed. I can’t do everything all the time and as my coach says, “Listen to your body.”

My body is tired. My mind is determined. Who will win this battle?

Maybe this coffee will ignite these fumes I’m draggin’ on any minute now…lol.

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