Lord…Help Me To Only Say Good Things About Folks.

Let the church say “Gay Men”.

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I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’ve been manic all week so far. I threw in the “so far” because this streak ends now. I am expelling the bull shyte with this one magical cleansing breath…and so it is.

Ok…now that I’m back to center. Wait. One more stretch.

I think it’s PMS but at this point…does it really matter? I may look into buying some 5-htp in the near future. Also,  I know that I’m due for a return to working out. When I work out, I feel more streamlined, focused. I think that my body is in need of some physical energy burn. My mental and emotional could use the release.

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I initially titled this post, “Dear Twentysomething Customer Service People” but apparently The Universe was not feeling those words and they wouldn’t paste onto the page. Since I’ve learned to take note of tiny hints from ethereal sources, I changed the title…and the intention.

happydog how-to-be-happy-happiness-quotes

Napoleon Hill should have a park named after him. A park where people go to  practice tai chi, sit blissfully in nature and enjoy the fruits of their manifestation. I’d like to visit that park.

Ah…so glad that I switched gears.

Thank You, Universal Intelligence!

Thank You, Prime Creator!

Thank You, Me!

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