Guess Who Joined A Gym…and Rethought it…But Decided To Embrace The Experience.

Well since it’s mating season again in The South and I’ve been feeling a bit tense, I joined my local gym. The membership is low and comes with a lot of perks.  I walked in with so much optimism. I walked out remembering why I quit going.

endorphins workout

I miss working out.  It makes me feel good. My mind and body feel more limber. I prefer to work out at home. That way if my body does something awkward or weird, no one is there to be a witness. At the gym, I feel as if everyone’s watching. Unfortunately, there’s no where to work out at my place. So the gym will be where I go to burn.

I do feel good after my work out, though. I forgot my cell phone so I couldn’t watch my Youtube video but improv is not dead! I did what I could remember and walked the treadmill for twenty minutes.  Off to a good start in my opinion. Tomorrow I’ll take my phone and go through the entire thirty minute workout plus the twenty minutes on the treadmill. I’m no gym queen but I do appreciate being healthy.

Bikini season is here! Although I’ll be wearing a onepiece, this girl is whippin’ out her Goddess body this summer.

Melaniebeach Melbathingsuit Melbeachblack

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