Good Friday!

This week has been a doozy! I just realized that with all of the turmoil, practicing active happiness is key. Apparently it has been a week of expressing myself without a filter in some ways and being completely private in others. I’m a Cancer. That’s just how we roll.


It’s almost 7am on the East Coast and I’ve decided to begin the day with a few positive affirmations, Crystal style, to keep me motivated and smiling for the next twenty-four hours.

phoenix 313025_277738472272104_514104397_n

1. Girl! Shake that pretty hair and smile. You’re an amazing woman with an amazing smile and a decent set of shanks. Be Awesome and Feel Awesome…because that’s what you are.

2. You are the Mariah of your world. Shake it Off! Why are they so obsessed with you? Have a Vision of Love (for yourself) and live in a sweet, sweet Fantasy baby. You got this!

3. Keep that SW Atlanta state of mind. You’re in a long, white car with your homegirls and it’s 1994. Sippin’ on Gin and Juice without a care in the world…except getting busted by the cops or your parents.

4. Keep that Loretta’s soundtrack running. What HAS malfunctioned in Queenie’s head? Are you Queenie or Ethyl? It’s Crystal’s choice…like a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Ok…so now, I’m ready to face my day. More importantly, I’m ready to paint, write, sing, dance and enjoy this world in which I live.

Like we sing in Pre-K, “It’s a Beautiful Day to be alive!”

I love that song. I’m gonna sing it all day.

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