My ex is a demonic asshole. Why can’t she just stay the fuck out of my life? Just when I’ve reached a point where I’m able to go one day without thinking of how much she screwed me over, fucked around with mutual acquaintances who think I don’t know that they fucked because I don’t throw shade and cringe every time I see a picture forgot to delete…here her ass comes with some more bullshit.

She wants to come to my son’s graduation. Ha! I’d rather have bamboo shoved under my nails than subject my family to her vile deception again. I will not tell him that she called. I wish that I hadn’t heard the message. OF Course she called from a different number, so I didn’t have a chance to erase it without hearing her stupid voice. What fucking nerve.


So if any of you are still friends with her, please give her this message because I will NOT be calling her back.

“Fuck You, You Fucking, Fuck. Do not come near me again or call or darken my doorstep in any way. Go Fuck Yourself…and Play in Traffic. Ashe.”

Thank Goddess for this Rant. I needed to vent.

Now…I feel better.

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