Long Day, Long Night.

I went to the teacher job fair this morning.  It was as convoluted and crazy as I remember. I had some good interviews though…but I didn’t get the golden ticket into the hired area. I did however have enough time to go have my business cards made for tomorrow’s art show. That’s good. I’m all about focusing on the good at this point in my life…but not walking out with a job did sting a little.

To be honest though, most people who showed up today didn’t walk out with jobs. So many of the posted positions were for ‘anticipated’ openings. I interpret that to mean the positions aren’t really ‘openings’ as much as they are threats to current teachers to get their stuff together. Although, one of the schools that interviewed me seems pretty certain they’ll be calling me back in a few days. It’s not that I want someone else to lose their job. I want the job and if they’re not prepared to keep it, I’m prepared to step in. Is that wrong?

Didn’t think so.

Well, I ended up talking to my former lover from college some more today. We laughed.  It’s good to talk about old times and get new perspectives of me. They way I remember feeling is apparently not how people remember me…which is good. Apparently I was akin to Freddy from A Different World. She’s my favorite character from that show so…Awesome!

We talked about the sexuality spectrum. He is a scientist. I am a hippie mom. Let’s just say that the conversation was long and entertaining. I am enjoying his energy. What does that mean? Maybe I just like the attention. Lord knows I could use some right now. The lady bus has recently stopped coming down my street and it’s been a dry, white season with no one to talk to.


My mother just told me she’s been praying for me to stop dating women…lol. I was like, ” Ok…Mom.”

We’re laughing about it right now.

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