…And Just When You Thought It Was Safe In The Water.

How much bullshit can a sista take?

First, Jeb and his presidential race. Why, Lord? Why?


Next, This day which has already cost me so much in money, time and energy just got more…crazy. What’s a girl to do?

I’m lookin’ at finding a full time position, making money over the summer while still being a full time mom  and taking tests and preparing to move. It can be a bit much.

But I believe in me and

Infinite Intelligence and God and Goddess and

The Game of Manifestation.

So I know to keep my eyes on the prize. Feel and Believe myself in the job, house and life of my Deepest Desires. All it takes is Belief, Desire, Action. Persistence and Enthusiasm on my part to create this life for myself, that is Definite of Purpose expressed.

Now, Crystal…Breathe.

My mind races when I’m rattled. I’m sure it’s ADD.

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