Rainy Day for ArtWalk…Aww, Man!

It’s fitting that today would be rainy. I’ve been feeling so up and down this week. The rain is just the opportunity I need to either give up or get my ass in gear.


I’m sitting here about an hour before I have to get set up for the show, with ice on my knee and Earl in my ear. This sacral chakra week is a SHARP contrast to root chakra week. My root must be relatively clear and balanced. My sacral chakra? Lord…it’s been a hot mess. It’s been a hot mess but still a healing experience. Lucky for me I’ve learned to glean the lesson from the menagerie of madness known as chakra healing. I have some issues with sexuality/sensuality that need to be addressed. I’ve been creative…but my energy hasn’t been at ten thousand like it has been for the past few months. I’m at about half that.

No matter how blah I may currently feel, I AM excited about ArtWalk tonight. I’m excited to paint and talk to people. I am excited to share my work with folk. I am excited. I just need to emote EXCITEMENT. Does that make sense?


Anyway, tonight after live painting, I’m heading to Miami with Heather to see our favorite Smiths cover band, Ordinary Boys.  I think we could both a beer and a dance tonight. When I spoke with her earlier she was tangled in the throes of post rain congestion.


Deep Sigh.

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

Form of a giant bottle of vodka!

Shape of a post night out doughnut!

Nonsense? Yes.

But I feel good about it.


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