Inspire Me…Please.

Although I’ve been a busy little bee,  I feel bored and a little listless.  Blahhh!


I fell asleep for the twentieth time trying to write this blog.  I gotta go to the gym! Time to get my blood flowing.


Well…I had a good walk. When I go to the gym I usually put on my headphones and walk for thirty minutes. My speed? Slow and steady. I’ll diversify soon. Still trying to find the perfect time to go. I don’t like to work out when there’s a lot of people around. My body does things, unladylike things, when I do certain exercises.

My family sent me on a Little Caesar’s run. Mr. Ako has three friends over and three of my nephews are here. It’s a busy day at the grandparents. So, five pizzas for five bucks each seemed like a cost efficient solution to feeding time.

Little Caesar’s is always a hot mess…but the closest one to me is ghetto adjacent. That means the people who work there are a ghetto, hot mess. I don’t mean that to be as catty as it seems. It’s soooo sadly true.

The girl at the register confused me. Her eyelashes looked like they were trying to fly away. I wanted to look around but thought better of it. I was there for the cheap pizza. Better not ask too many questions.

I got my pizza really fast though. Kudos! At least they were efficient. I can dig it. On my way out this guy tried to flirt…I guess. He was beckoning me to come over and saying things like, “I need to come with you.”  I’m like, really? No, “May I help you with your five pizzas?” or “Can I get the door for you?”


I’ve learned to just smile and nod. Sometimes pretending not to understand comes in handy.

So, now that I’ve walked and written a story…it’s time for me to get some other things done.
Thank You, Infinite Intelligence!

I think today’s lesson has been to be proactive. I motivated myself to get up and get moving. Yay!

Looking back at the title of this post, I realize that I was blessedly inspired. What an awesome miracle and manifestation!

Ok…I am balancing. Awesome.

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