Dude…I Wish Nikki Were Down Here For The Weekend.

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If my bestfriend were here, this weekend would be perfect. I won a free bottle of champagne for a night club tonight. Awesome! However, I turned it down because I didn’t have any time to gather the posse…and most of the crew is out of town for the Fourth of July. If Nikki were here, we’d go to the club and drink the bottle. We’d probably leave early and try to find a a bar with House Music. If we couldn’t find anywhere, we’d just drive about looking for people to laugh at/ with until we got bored with that and went home.

That may not sound like fun to other people…but I enjoy it.

My birthday is coming up soon and I’m excited. IF Nikki were here, I’d be Super Psyched! There’s a food truck festival the same day. Need I say more? Just think of what I wrote in the previous  paragraph and add : “We’d go chow down at the food truck festival and sip on cool, frothy, free beers.

So here’s to my best friend. She is probably decorating someone’s skin with inky needles right now. Her skills as a tattooist are matched only  by her awesomeness as a friend.

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