Google Chrome Is A Surly Bitch…At Times.

I had to give myself a talking to today.  I am getting what I want. I just have to expand my peripheral vision. I felt like The Universe was hazing me. I’ve never been hazed before.

I guess I’m just lucky like that…but being hazed at 42 can be a little overwhelming.

Let me back up.

I was sitting in my truck, feeling the heat of anger and frustration rising up in my gullet. Then…I said to me, “BITCH. Get it together. This is what you want. Just because it isn’t dressed up in the colors you like doesn’t mean it isn’t your BLESSING.”

Ms. Jaudon

I felt better…so I kept doing it until I drowned out the Debbie Downer aka My Ego. I called myself all kinds of spoiled, little bitches. I told myself to get my shit together and stop whining. I took Napoleon’s lead and gave Ms. Crystal a good dressing down.

She…I…needed that. I would’ve tuned out anyone else’s yelling at me. I had to get Funky with myself.


Now, I’ve got my balls tucked in and my spine straight. Time to Take Over the World.

P.S. Google Chrome was being mean and wouldn’t let me log into wordpress for a few hours. Hence, the dis. Shoot! She needs to get it together, too.


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