I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It.

Life is funny, isn’t it?

I made a declaration, more of an affirmation really, to the Universe that I am open and ready for love. I am ready for my vibrational match. I am Happy with Me and want to Share.

My horoscope told me to have fun. It also said that a new adventure was waiting for me Friday night. That horoscope sure knew what she was talking about.

Long story short, the party I’d planned to go to…I slept through. My good friend called me and we were supposed to go to the party I slept through together so…we went somewhere else. Her dude friend had a cute dude friend, etc.

So I ended up talking to the dude friend and found out two things:

He is a Scorpio. I immediately told him to step back because Scorpios are Cancer kryptonite. By then I already knew that I wanted to make out with him and I also knew that if I said the above, he’d try.  My ploy worked. He liked the challenge.

He is covered in tattoos. I mean covered. That appeals to me. In fact, as soon as he showed me his sleeves and neck and back…it was a done deal. I was gonna make out with this dude.

I decided to drop labels a long time ago…but I hadn’t really considered making out with a man in a long time. We didn’t have sex . There was a lot of heavy petting but no sex. It felt good. He has nice lips. Le sigh.

Did we exchange numbers? No. It is what it is. I don’t even know his last name. I don’t even know if he knows my first name. All I  know is that kissing a man wasn’t at all bad. I thought it would feel strange but it didn’t. It felt good. So good in fact that he inspired this:


It’s a work in progress. Apparently, so am I.

I put it out there. I told the Universe and all of the Divine Beings around us that I was open. Open means a lot of things.

I can dig it.



4 thoughts on “I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It.

  1. Sounds like quite a nice evening. 🙂 Those intentions…you just never know. Haha. Staying open, I believe, is the most important part.
    Good to ‘see’ you. Have missed you.

    1. Hey, Suzanne
      ! thought that I’d responded to you…but I see I may have been dreaming. lol.
      Good to see you, too!
      Hope all is well. I’m enjoying my new career position but missing the time/energy for writing.
      Enjoy your day!

  2. Hey, sis! Long time, eh? Hope all’s well.
    It did feel good…lol. I think that I needed to release some energy without having the ‘all the way’ experience. This is one of the few times I’ve said, “ThankYou, Goddess…for my period.” lol.
    Take Care, Awesome Lady.

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