Day Eight: Not So Silent Lucidity


Atlas Shrugged. Someone once told me that there’s a whole conspiracy behind the Ayn Rand Society and Nazi stuff. Well, I didn’t care enough to research that info, but I do recall being a little disappointed. Up until hearing that, I’d been fighting my way through a copy of Atlas Shrugged that was donated to my class. It seemed intriguingly akin to George Orwell’s 1984…but, I hadn’t gotten too far into the book to form any other opinions or correlations. The negative influence of what I’d heard about Ayn Rand affected me. It made me lose interest in reading more of the book. The association with “Nazi Stuff”, real or imagined, was so abhorrent to me that I couldn’t bring myself to continue. Why?

I’ve done that many times over the course of my life. Accepted information without question and let it influence my opinion of something I’d been, up until then, curious about or interested in. I’m not the only one but I am able to change this habit. Blind acceptance is a little like fear. It keeps us from going down unknown streets or exploring divergent thoughts. If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t we happier? I think that one of my long-term goals is to operate without fear. To question everything that I’m told, and form opinions based on facts that I glean from the world around me. I am not a sheep or a lemming. It is time to stop behaving like one.


As for today’s short-term goal, I have accomplished one so far. I’ve typed up today’s journal entry and put on my painter’s clothes to prepare for next week’s Gallery Night. I’m excited to show a combination of new and old pieces. Still narrowing down the pieces for the collection and putting the finishing touches on some newer ones.
I have more energy today, but I think it’s time for me to get out into the sunshine. Yes. I think that’s my other short-term goal. Go get some sun. Yes. After all, I do live in the Sunshine State.
Later the same day…
I went to the park and had a paint date with myself by the river. It was kind of a Zen moment although there were lots of people around. Everyone was nice but respectful of each other’s space. I had fun. There were iguanas sunning themselves in the semi tall grass and I made friends with a duck, even though I didn’t have any food to give him. I think the duck was a him. Felt masculine…anyway. The outdoor air was good for me. The sun was going down, but I didn’t mind. I was enjoying the time with Mother.
Short term goal accomplished.

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